How to hard reset a ZTE phone Grand S and restore ZTE factory settings easily

By |October 31st, 2015|

In the Smartphone market Samsung, iPhone, HTC, Microsoft occupies a large space, but that does not lag behind other Smartphone companies. Today we will discuss about a Smartphone, which name is ZTE Grand S, which is released announced on January 2013 & released on March 2013. And will discuss about snippet problem of ZTE Grand [...]

How to hard reset a ZTE phone | Restore Zmax 2 factory settings

By |October 28th, 2015|

How to reset a ZTE phone Zmax 2 this is our topic for today. You always wear the same kind of problem like freezing or slow response into your zmax 2, you can’t assure about that. But sometimes you maybe faced some inter settings problem, such as your zmax 2 not connected with internet while [...]

How to reset a ZTE phone Blade S6 Plus screen password-unlock or remove ZTE pattern lock

By |October 24th, 2015|

How to reset a ZTE phone Blade S6 Plus screen password and how you can unlock or remove your ZTE phone pattern lock. In the present time Smartphone not only used for connectivity, it’s also used based on people craze & delight. That’s why people buy the Smartphone with high budget like $700-$1000 or more [...]

How to reset ZTE Nubia Z9| You should know it, if you use ZTE phone.

By |September 30th, 2015|

How to reset ZTE Nubia Z9, you most know about it if you using this Smartphone or such kind of ZTE phone. In the competition on Smartphone market, Chinese people also not lagging behind. They also made various kind of Smartphone into    purchasing power of ordinary people. Most of Asian people using Chinese Smartphone like [...]